May 17

Why Third Orb Exists

I would like to introduce myself and my blog. My name is Jon and this is Third Orb.  For decades I have been fascinated with music.  My earliest recollection comes from the 1970's and riding in the back of my parents white Chevy van.  There was a bed in the back and bright blue carpet hanging from the walls and ceiling.  I swear to God that carpet had to have been at least 3-4 inches long.  I am not sure what the hell they were thinking, but it was probably in style. Seat belts were not really a huge thing back then either, not like it is now anyway.  I would just lay back there on long trips and listen to the music my parents were playing on the 8 track in the van.  It was  where I first heard the music of Bob Seger and The Eagles.  They would play them over and over.  I suppose looking back now that Seger and The Eagles were both rock and roll enough for my Dad and just slightly country enough for my Mom. The years passed and I went a long time without listening much to Seger.  About 15 years or so ago I put  Night Moves on my turntable again.  Arguably his best work, ("Mongrel" fans have a valid point as well. Much more on that in later posts) listening to that album was like being transported back in time to that Chevy van with the bright blue carpet.  Holy shit what a fantastic piece of music it is. Of course the title track has coursed through the veins of most of us who have been within earshot of classic rock radio over the past few decades. Not to mention "Mainstreet" and "Rock and Roll Never Forgets".   But I believe the track that speaks most to me today is "Sunburst".  A perfect song to end side one.  Or any side for that matter.  Maybe I am just a sucker for any rock song that knows exactly how and where to throw in the flute.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is that in my humble opinion, music is the answer.  It can move you.  It can change you.  It will make you laugh and also make you cry. It has the power to influence the world. It is in nearly all aspects of our lives.  In movies, on television, on our phones and ipads and ipods, if those still exist.  It is played at weddings, at sporting events, at funerals, and birthdays.  Needless to say it is an extremely influential  and important force in my life.  With the technology boom we are continuing to experience, music has never been more available to everyone, everywhere and with each passing day more and more music is available for us to hear.  While all of that is amazing and great, there is a huge downside.  A gigantic black hole sized downside.  This is where Third Orb comes in.

There is a fine line between being passionate about a subject and becoming obsessed. I crossed that line a very, very long time ago. I have been searching for the best music ever made for most of my life.  From listening to as many different radio stations as I could, reading anything and everything I could about music, whether it was books, magazines, or newspapers.  I was hooked.  When I became a teenager my love for music led to me learning how to play guitar.  That lead me to one of the best ways to discover new music.  Other musicians and music lovers.  Still to this day I learn from as much as I can from others.  I also love to share what I have learned as well.  Third Orb is the perfect vehicle for my music obsessed soul. With all of the music available to us today it can take a lot of time to filter through the masses to find the best.  While a lot of folks like to discover music themselves which is fantastic, many just don't have the time or desire.  Third Orb will constantly recommend and discuss decades of great, timeless music.  Nearly all genres will be discussed and many topics will be covered.  Including albums, bands, composers, instruments, reviews, oddities, ghosts, venues, etc.  I hope to find those like minded, music lovin' souls so we can all appreciate, preserve, educate, and discover the best music from our little planet that I like to call, the Third Orb.

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