May 17

And then there was one

So I have been a daily music listener for several decades now.  As I sift through my albums and cd's  or search on the internet for something to get my fix for the day, there is always my standard go to bands.  You know the band or artist who whether you realize it or not is always lurking in the back of your mind.  Or maybe the front of your mind. The music that has truly spoken to you for whatever reason.  It could be the beat, the sound, the vibe, the lyrics, the backstory.  Who the hell knows why.  It is beyond understanding. It just is what it is. (Yes I hate that phrase as well but sometimes it fits, so fuck it.)  My question to you is who is that go to band ?  For me the choice is simple.  Deep Purple.  Back in 1973 K-Tel released a compilation album called "Superstars of the Seventies". It was a phenomenal album set with a who's who of artists and bands.  When I first heard Deep Purple's "Hush" I was hooked.  I think initially it was the melody and rhythm that got me. I mentioned to my Uncle Marty that I liked the song. Now what happened just a few days later is one of those moments in time that you never forget.  Those moments that are so important whether you realize it at the time or not.  I went to visit my uncle who lived about 20 minutes away. He was and still is one of those "cool" uncles who is always glad to teach and share is vast knowledge and experiences. He drove a sweet Mustang and in the corner of his apartment sat a cool older electric organ with a Deep Purple songbook on top. Fuck yes! So during this particular visit, as he was trying to explain to me about Quadraphonic sound, which was very fucking confusing to me at the time, he handed me a copy of Deep Purple's "Machine Head". He kept talking as he put on the album.  Now he could have chosen the rock anthem "Smoke on the Water", or maybe even the 70's rock radio staple "Highway Star".  Now keep in mind this is all new music to me.  Instead he went for the jugular.  He chose "Lazy".  He had those speakers cranked.  The kind of level where it almost sounds like the speakers cannot handle the power from the receiver.  Now I am of course preaching to the choir for all Purple fans out there, but for those who have never heard "Lazy",  holy shit.  The intro when played at it's proper required volume of fucking loud, literally sounds like the speaker will in fact explode. So I was instantly stunned and blown away. Now I fucking love "Hush" but this was different.  Later on of course I realized that those were two different singers and essentially two completely different bands of the same name.  I had to have that album and to be honest it has not strayed too far from my turntable ever since.  I am now wondering what is the longest number of days I have gone without listening to them?  I can honestly say I doubt it has been longer than a week.  Now keep in mind that I listen to a shit ton of music.  I will be the first to admit that it goes well beyond passion and into the addiction stage.  I love it.  I can't help it. I don't want help for it.  If you have never heard Machine Head, or it has been along time, let me say either buy it or dust it off and put it on and turn it up.  Every song is incredible. It is easily one of the most important and influential rock and roll records ever made.  And it's not even my favorite by them! Enjoy.


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