May 17

Love The One Your With

If you become an avid reader of this music blog, you will learn that I am a music schizophrenic.  Currently I am on another Bob Seger fix.  That voice and the vibe he puts out whether it's with the fantastic Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section or the Silver Bullet Band, it just grooves.  I fucking love Stephen Stills' "Love the one your with".  It is a true timeless classic song.  But when I play Seger's version I have to stand up and shake it.  I am powerless against it. Just like Linda Blair against Beezlebub, (piss off spell check),  it takes over and not even a well dressed old catholic priest can save me.  Save the holy water father and let's just enjoy.


It makes me start to think about all of the other great music from Detroit.  Like all of the Motown artists, The Amboy Dukes and Ted Nugent, Kiss....  For crying out loud I could probably write for a month on Kiss alone.  The White Stripes, MC5.....The list goes on and on and on.  The one band in the rock realm that does not get nearly enough credit for being a true, gritty, dirty, loud, nasty, and downright killer band is the one and only....................


Bad ass guitar riffs, a legendary rhythm section, and a truly underrated and fucking amazing vocalist.

I am talking about Jim McCarty, Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice, and Rusty Day.

These guys only released three studio albums if my hazy memory serves me well.  They are all must have classic albums.  They will not only kick your ass but they will fill your soul with enough or the right kind of rock music to last a lifetime.  If you like hard rock, especially early seventies hard rock, I promise you will fucking love these guys.  Here is just a taste.

Unfortunately we have to put this particular lineup in the Ghost Category as Rusty Day was shot and killed at his home in 1982.  What we are left with is three incredible musical statements from four guys who got together for a short time and made some timeless music.  Enjoy.

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