May 17

Caught in the devil's bargain

I was listening to the classic album "Deja Vu" by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young this morning. It is a fantastic listen and I have always loved "Woodstock" in particular. Quite different in style from Joni Mitchell's original version, it rocks with near perfect precision while edging close in style to reckless abandon.  If you have not heard it in a while or ever, feel the power below.


As a guitarist of now over 30 years I must admit that I sing incorrect lyrics all the time.  Who the hell am I kidding.  I sing the wrong lyrics daily.  This song is no exception.  We will get to Joni's original song in a few but I must say that I was never exactly sure of the lyrics until recently.  On the sometimes derivative path of music discovery, it all becomes worthwhile when you stumble upon god given talent.  Or talent influenced from below. Hell, I don't know.  Talent that will literally cause one to pause in their fast paced existence and take a deep breath. It is the kind of talent that makes you instantly play the song or video again. This time it was a female duo from Sweden called Good Harvest.  This completely blew me away and I swear I just closed my eyes and played this over and over at least a dozen times in a row. It is the intimacy of the performance that draws you in.  The balance of vocals and guitars is near perfection.  Take a listen for yourself:

Their performance really showcases how great this song is in not only structure but especially lyrically.  Yes, the first time I actually understood the lyrics.  It was the first time I realized just how brilliant the lyrics are.  It made me instantly want to revisit the original Mitchell version.  This video with the priceless introduction by Joni herself with a little background of the song is special.  Joni's talent and emotions pour out of her.  This is raw and fragile at the same time. A magical moment in time and fans of all sorts of music can appreciate a great song not long after it was created. Enjoy.

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