Jun 17

Getting to the Root of the Music

Many times I will feed my music addition in different ways.  Say for example I will take a word.  A simple word that comes from nowhere in particular, it is just floating around in space until it somehow connects to your brain and therefore gets added to your conveyor belt of thoughts.  For today let's use the word "root".  The word has many meanings as many words do, especially in the often confusing English language.  I will take that word and then think of any song or band or album that includes the word.  So my first thought comes from back in 1968 and a great Deep Purple track off of their debut album " Shades of Deep Purple".  It is certainly some fantastic psychedelic progressive hard rock from back in the day.  You can nearly travel back in time and picture the people dancing madly in the hedonistic London clubs to this one.




The next root word that comes to mind is a band that I loved back in the 90's, Rusted Root.  I was lucky enough to catch one of their shows back then, I believe 1995 or 96, and it was wonderful.  A very talented group of musicians from Pennsylvania, they truly captivated everyone in attendance that night including yours truly.  They blend folk rock with a mix of celtic and middle eastern influences with just the right dose of bluegrass.  Here is  a little taste:

I also begin to think about the roots of all of my favorite bands.  Who they listened to and who they were influenced by.  I will have an entire blog or two, (maybe seven), devoted to exploring and discovering that.  Finishing out my thoughts on the word "root", I have to include a great band from Sweden, Siena Root.

The music of Siena Root will instantly take you back in time to the early days of Hard Rock.  Formed in the late 90's it may be hard to convince some of you fully grey haired readers that you didn't see them opening for Budgie back in 1970.  They lay down a groove that will make your head and soul start moving the way it was meant too. They are a fucking fantastic band that I swear to God you all will love. Especially if you  are very, very tired of the "new" rock music out there. (Please understand I use the term "rock" very fucking loosely).  They may restore your soul that there is in fact great newer music out there to be played over and over.  Siena Root is easily one of those bands.  Check 'em out:


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