Jun 17

New and Refreshing

Let me say that there is a ton of new great music out there today.  As you become an avid reader of Third Orb you will know that I am an early 70's rock junkie.  My ass is firmly planted in the hazy basement of yesteryear and that will never fucking change.  Some of the best music ever created came out then and it is just fact. With that being said,  I must say that for those who are longing for the bong gripping face melting rock of old, fear not my friend, there is a shitload of great bands, tunes and albums to be heard.  First up....Wolf People.

Wolf People continue the tradition of amazing music coming from across the pond. They manage to channel rock titans like Jethro Tull and King Crimson while forging their own musical path through the kingdom and beyond. There are a few videos that also showcase their fantastic live performances.  My suggestion is to look at their tour schedule and check them out.

Label mates Black Mountain are my second recommendation for a newer band that can flat out lay it down.  Encompassing two great vocalists that play very well off each other, Black Mountain crafts songs that can stand up on their own against those great rock songs of old.  Here is a taste............

What a cool vibe they infect us with.  Fantastic.  I will be writing more about both of these bands in future pages of Third Orb.

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